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A company of creative engineers, having fun when developing challenging interactive solutions.

Based in Vienna, Austria, our company is made of programmers, designers and engineers with passion for something new. We love to cooperate with makers from different branches, from architects and designers to researchers and electronic producers. Curiosity is driving us to experiment with many new technologies.

Experience is an often-heard expression with us. To us, is means not only screen design. To us, it is a deep understanding of what the user is urgently in need. Where and how we can bring her to the party. As a consequence, our experiences might look very different each time. But they always feel right.

Who we would like to work with

High-tech companies, innovators, makers. So far, we worked with designers, architects, shopfitters and artists to create solutions for head offices, event locations, visitor centers, shopping malls and a bridge. Yet, we always like to try something new. Even the next generation of theme parks or future interfaces at the movies.

What feels important to us

It might sound obvious, but understanding is most important to us. Getting to know what our customers really care about. And learning about what the users really need. Only then we can create an exceptional, touching experience.


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